Who’s Behind ONP?

Bella Neyman is a director of a New York-based gallery specializing in contemporary jewelry.She is also a freelance journalist whose articles on decorative arts, fashion and jewelry have appeared in the New York TimesModern Magazine, Metalsmith, American Craft and The Magazine Antiques amongst others. Along with Ruta Reifen, Neyman founded Platforma, a curatorial initiative focused on exhibiting contemporary jewelry. She lives with her husband and daughter in Brooklyn, NY.

For a full CV please refer to the Portfolio page.

Contact Bella: objectsnotpaintings@gmail.com

Follow Platforma on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/platforma.one


  • Audrey Friedman

    Hi Bella,

    Just had a chance to have a look at your site – very interesting and entertaining. Good that there are people like you presenting interesting things and also providing intelligent information. We are proud of you!!

  • Hugh Karraker

    I enjoyed reading your account of the Bonham’s auction of Susan Kelner Freeman’s Bakelite collection.
    I’m a great grandson of Leo Baekeland on my mother’s side, and I am producing a documentary about him and his work. You can see a short trailer of the film on Youtube at:
    I am building the film to one hour to show on TV, the Internet and at industry meetings and educational institutions.
    We need a short interview from someone in the design field to talk about Bakelite and plastic design. Are you located in the New York City area and are you available for an interview?
    Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.
    Best Regards,
    Hugh Karraker

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